Common transcription price: $1.00 per minute

Common basic price for all audio transcriptions we do is $1.00 per minute of audio stream.

For example: ordering basic transcription for 20 minute length audio with no additional options will cost you $20.00. Either, basic transcription for YouTube video of 8 minutes length will cost $8.00

Additional Options and Features

You can add additional transcription options to your order. Costs for them are calculated based on the length of your audio recording and are added to total price. There are three options available:

Timestamping: $0.50 per minute

Use timestamping option to include per-minute timestamps to your transcription text. Times tamps are added every whole number of minutes and are highlighted with red for ease of readability.

Timestamping Transcription Example: per minute

Speaker1: [00:00] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ei omittam molestie tractatos pri, quando melius nam eu?

Speaker2: Mundi vivendo pro ei. Sea falli persius aliquid ea, id habemus lucilius accusata sed, te purto intellegat mel? At augue [01:00] lobortis adversarium pri, per habeo facilis eloquentiam ea.

Verbatim: $0.50 per minute

Verbatim option means including filter words to transcriptions. This can be nonverbal communication, laughter, words like "ummm…", "ahh…", etc. This option also includes false starts and stuttering.

Verbatin Transcription Example:

Ahh, Mary had a little lamb. Its fleece was white as snow [laugh], and e… e… eve… every where that Mary went the lamb was sure to go. [applause]

Rush Delivery: $1.00 per minute

Rush Delivery option gives your transcription top priority and guarantees transcription delivery within 24 hours after your payment is received.

Please note that according to TransAU TOS only audio recordings which have length less than 6 hours are liable for 24-hour delivery. For rush delivery of longer recordings, please contact our support team in advance to agree suitable deadlines.

Enterprise and Regular Customer Offers

We welcome returning customers and are proud that more than 40% of our clients make second order. If you're the regular customer and have continuous demand for transcriptions of 16+ recordings hours per week, please contact us for a special discounted offer.

For enterprise offers we expect you to to order at least 16 hours of audio recordings regularly every week without (or with minimum) exceptions. Using this offer you'll be able to log in to TransAU website with your own account having personal discount for all your orders.